Beauty of humanity

There are five hundred religions in the world. Human history is replete with clear evidence that not even a single religion teaches atrocity, unkindness, injustice, intolerance and violence. However, questions have arisen about why ill-treatment has become the norm everywhere. Is humanity dead? Has human beauty lost its true essence? Isn’t it a crime against the beauty of humanity to see inequality, ruthlessness and stay silent in response? Why is there killing, bloodshed and brutality in the name of religion?
Human exploitation is at a climax these days. Are people of Kashmir, Palestine, Ukraine and Taiwan not human? Are people residing in other countries and making a minority not human?
Religion does not negate their humanity, and we must remember this fact. Violence cannot usher in peace. It is the moral duty of human beings to fight for human rights, not only of their own but of humanity’s at large. The guardian angel of peace, the United Nations, must participate effectively to bring peaceful change through discourse. Though, the above conditions have compelled me to raise a few questions on humanity.
Haplessly, this is not the beauty of humanity to see uneven treatment and not being able to take an action. People from diverse religions, caste, creed and races are human first. Being human we need to adopt some sustainable actions to protect human rights and prevent violence and injustice in the world.
The world needs collective hands to aid victims. It is time to alter the lenses to see people as human first, believers second. Extremism, violence, injustice have no room in religion. Humanity has no religion. It has no border as well. The world has become more vulnerable. Peace is only possible through tolerance, forbearance and exclusive humanity.
If the educated community does not lead from the front, the day is not far when the world will become topsy-turvy. Major religions like Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism are huge advocates of peace. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) from Islam, Jesus Christ from Christianity, Siddhartha Buda from Buddhism also followed the path of truth and honesty.
Thus, extremism is man-made. Hate is created. Love is in human nature. Since the inception of mankind, love and kindness is God given. No child is born Muslim, Christ or atheist. It is society which makes him. History has no clue where religious leaders have demonstrated inhumaneness, and prejudice. ‘Lakes, water, river and streams are different names but all contain water. Similarly, religions have different names but all contain truth.’
Like wisely, the beauty of humanity lies in love, compassion, kindness and truth. Kindness costs nothing. Mark Twain writes, “Kindness is the only language a deaf can hear and a blind can see. Be kind for no reason.” Gentleness is a virtue. Contemporary world needs more kindness. It would be extremely unfair to humanity if we see other humans in pain and do not feel their misery.
Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive. Humanity is required for a better world. Be certain that you do not die without having done something wonderful for humanity. Love is the only way to rescue humanity from all ills. Love and humanity have no borderlines. They have no religion. I believe human beings make life beautiful.
There’s a lot of beauty in everything. What makes life beautiful is the ability to acknowledge that humanity lies in lifting others. This is the only way to rise. Helping others is beauty, forgiving is beauty, respecting others is beauty, supporting others is beauty, being tolerant of those who are different is beauty.
Human beauty lies in learning, accepting and appreciation. We need to learn to tolerate each other. We have to learn to put up with the fact that some people say things we do not like. We can only live together that way.
But if we are to live together, and not die together, we must learn a kind of charity and a kind of tolerance which is absolutely vital to the continuation of human life on this planet. If we broaden our borders with modest thoughts and historical study, if we develop the ability to cherish and respect diverse values and diverse cultures, diverse opinions and ability of empathy and tolerance, we can bring global sympathy. That is an absolute humanity

The writer is a business owner and tweets@ shagufta_B_Din.

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