Bilawal asks ECP to announce polls date as he aspires 'level playing-field'

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) co-chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari on Tuesday requested the Election Commission (ECP) to announce a date for polls in the country. 

Speaking to media during his visit here, the PPP leader said [constitutionally] it was the duty of the ECP to announce the date [for holding elections].

The former foreign minister also admitted that “there is no level playing-field for all in the country. And that is my objection.” 

Bilawal vowed that people's elected representatives would be placed in Islamabad [after general elections]. 

“I want the old ways of running the country be abandoned. Masses have to face the consequences of [bad] decisions taken in Islamabad.”

Although the PPP was a part of the former ruling alliance, the PDM, Bilawal did not speak of its failure when he said inflation, unemployment and poverty was the biggest problem.

“The economy is in bad shape. The solution to all the problems is people’s rule," he added.

Bilawal admitted terrorism was on the rise again as the National Action Plan had not been fully implemented. “It was the PPP alone which called for fighting against terrorism,” he maintained.

He claimed that weapons left by the US had reached terrorists in Afghanistan. Those weapons have reached not only Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but also Katcha area in Sindh.

And he blamed the PTI for the rise in the scourge, saying the PTI chairman relocated the terrorists.

During transition in Afghanistan after withdrawal of the US forces, terrorists escaped from jails and reached Pakistan. The PTI planned to relocate those terrorists here.

“General Faiz and the PTI chairman had no idea how long it would take for the terrorists who were settled in KP to reach Karachi?”

He [PTI chief] ruined the hard work done [by the PPP] in a few days, Bilawal alleged.

After the APS incident, our brave forces eradicated terrorists from North Waziristan, he stated.

He claimed that terrorism had been uprooted in Sindh. The PPP broke the backbone of terrorists. “What is happening now? Why terrorism is raising its head?”

Bilawal demanded that all those who had wreaked havoc [with the peace in the country] should be held accountable. “How did it happen? Why the enemies of the state are once again imposed on the country,” he questioned. 

The truth behind the return of terrorists should be exposed, he demanded.

About Karachi, Bilawal lamented that the consumers didn't have electricity for eight hours, but they received bills for 24 hours supply.

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