Rising Militancy

The recent blast on Peshawar’s Warsak Road, just a day after Interim Minister Sarfraz Bugti downplayed the escalating militancy in the region, is a stark reminder that the menace of terrorism continues to haunt Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and Balochistan. This incident, which claimed the life of one Frontier Constabulary (FC) official and left eight others injured, underscores the urgent need for a comprehensive and long-term strategy to address the root causes of militancy in these areas.
Militancy in KP and Balochistan is not a product of marginalised communities; it is a byproduct of religious fundamentalism and extremism, instilled during the Afghan Jihad. This dark legacy continues to plague the people of these regions. Relying solely on increasing the presence of security forces and further militarisation is not a sustainable solution. History has shown us that this approach only exacerbates the problem, leading to more violence and instability.
It’s time to prioritise this issue on the national agenda rather than ignore or downplay the situation. We cannot afford to turn a blind eye to the destruction of these regions. The Afghan Taliban’s reluctance to play a constructive diplomatic role has left us with no choice but to find domestic solutions.
The porous border between Pakistan and Afghanistan has also played a significant role in allowing non-state actors to infiltrate and wreak havoc. Strengthening border security and surveillance is crucial to preventing cross-border entries. This would not only protect our citizens but also deny terrorist factions the sanctuary they seek across the border in Afghanistan.
Interim Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti’s attempt to downplay the rise in terrorism is concerning. It’s vital that our leaders acknowledge the gravity of the situation and work together to find effective solutions. A little surge in terrorism is not insignificant; it should serve as a wake-up call to address the underlying issues comprehensively.
The blast on Warsak Road is a sombre reminder that we cannot afford to underestimate the threat of militancy in KP and Balochistan. Long-term solutions must take precedence over short-term security measures. By addressing the root causes, strengthening border security, and fostering cooperation among security institutions, we can begin to dismantle the infrastructure of terrorism that plagues our nation.

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