In solidarity with Syria

About Syria, where does one begin? For those who wish to see it, the truth is written on the wall. The lies and spins dished out by imperial mouthpieces to justify last week’s Tomahawk-attack only confirm it. They do not appeal to reason and expose the feet of clay on which the imperial narrative stands. And of course, we’ve heard them before. The question is: How do we stop the crumbling fumbling empire from bringing the whole house down with it?

Those of us who dream of living in an empire-free region, and eventually an empire-free world; who’d like an end to the unilateralist badmashi of the empire and its illegal wars; who’d like to see the smog-like curse of the US-led empire recede from our cities and villages; we should know that the empire-free space would not be handed out to us on a platter. Trump is the new Uncle Sam, down to his dirtiest tricks. Recent developments in Syria portend a fight not a deal with the devil.

It’s becoming more and more apparent every passing day that the road to a multipolar world is not going to be smooth and peaceful. We’d have to snatch every inch of that empire-free geographical expanse from the doddering hands of a dying but still greedy Uncle Sam, dangerous in his last throes like an animal to be slaughtered. The exceptional emperor is unwilling to negotiate. He’s the badmash world policeman who would not let go of his blood-soaked hegemony gracefully. But that’s alright.

Unfortunate as it is, there’s a bright side to the malicious Tomahawk-attack on Syria which, more than anything else, confirmed Uncle Sam’s refusal to give up his dirty tricks. It should bring clarity and be a turning point for those resisting his barbaric tyranny. It has already triggered a much-needed recalibration of strategy on part of Russia. President Putin doesn’t seem inclined to partner with the US for peace in Syria anymore. Besides his patient wise moves in the Syrian war theatre, he’s tearing the nonsensical imperial narrative to shreds with his straight talk.

Russia has closed the hotline between Russia and US militaries in Syria. Rather than turning its back on Syria and its legitimate Assad government as demanded by the US and its Nato allies and vassals, Russia has decided to stand more firmly with them. It has announced to bolster Syria’s air defence forces and sent ships to beef up its presence in the war-zone. The smokescreen of cooperation that the US was hiding behind to play its usual double games has evaporated.

There’s a brave new language coming out from Moscow that is ruthlessly dismantling the lies of the empire. Since we don’t get to hear the other side in our western-oriented national media, here are some extracts from a Tass report to give you some idea: “Russia has data that new provocations are planned in Syria with the goal of putting the blame on Damascus for allegedly using chemical weapons, Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters after talks with his Italian counterpart.

“This [the US strike on Syria] strongly reminds us of the 2003 events when US representatives in the UN Security Council showed alleged chemical weapons found in Iraq... After that, a military campaign started in Iraq and it ended with the destruction of the country, the growth of the terrorist threat and the emergence of the ISIL on the international scene, no more and no less… The same is happening now, the Russian president said.”

While the puppets posing as leaders of the empire and their propagandist mainstream media churn out the same disgusting lies and spins to justify Uncle Sam’s illegal attack on the sovereign state of Syria in violation of international law; as they shed hypocritical tears for children killed by gas and blame the Syrian government for it without credible evidence and before an impartial investigation, their hearts bleeding selectively for children chosen to push forth the imperial narrative; a host of clear voices from around the world are calling out their obvious lies.

It’s not just Russian and Iranian leaders and senior officials who are not mincing their words to denounce the malicious US attack on their ally. The other day, Bolivia’s impressive UN ambassador Sacha Llorenti shamed the US in the UN Security Council by holding up a photograph of Colin Powell with the famous test tube that the then US Secretary of State had presented to the Security Council as proof of Saddam possessing weapons of mass destruction before invading Iraq in 2003.

Even in the power-drunk corridors of imperial power, brave voices are speaking out. US House Representative Tulsi Gabbard has been outspoken against the attack, and other sane voices in the US and Europe are questioning the credibility of what their governments are saying. There’s a storm in the alternative media. With every passing day, the imperial narrative is becoming more and more untenable. This might not be enough on its own to bring down the empire, but it would certainly help.

Here’s what former US Senator Ron Paul had to say: “It simply makes no sense for Assad to attack civilians with a chemical weapon just as he is winning his war against ISIS and al-Qaeda and has been told by the US that it no longer seeks regime change. On the verge of victory, he commits a suicidal act to no strategic or tactical military advantage? More likely the gas attack was a false flag by the rebels – or perhaps even by our CIA – as a last ditch effort to forestall a rebel defeat in the six-year war.”

That it certainly was. Following the usual modus operandi, the proxy terrorists of the empire moved against the Syrian army positions in tandem with the Tomahawk-attack. Uncle Sam thinks he can play his sordid games forever, using its power to bulldoze its lies on the world as truth. But the time for his dirty tricks is up. A new world is rising and it is in no mood to buy his murderous lies.

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