Centre asked to apologise to Sindh’s people over Rashid’s biased statement

Wahab terms Rashid’s statement a vicious attempt to fan flames of linguistic discrimination

KARACHI - Sheikh Rashid’s controversial statement about the citizens of Sindh regarding the closure of the identity card in their own city Karachi is a linguistic difference. The federal government should take notice of Rashid’s controversial statement and apologise as his statement is unacceptable to the people of Sindh.

This demanded by spokesperson for Sindh government and Advisor for Law Barrister Murtaza Wahab in a statement on Monday while reacting to Rashid’s controversial press conference. Rashid’s statement was a vicious attempt to fan the flames of linguistic discrimination and the issue of ID cards of locals.

The talk about ban on identity cards of Sindhis living for centuries was a stigma on the federal government and the people of Indus Valley would not tolerate the tyranny of the elected rulers, Wahad said in statement. 

He also said that if the people of Lahore raised questions on the identity card of Sheikh Rashid, what would happen? And Sheikh Rashid, unaware of the ground realities, was pursuing the agenda of which forces. He added that the PPP, representing the Indus Valley, would not tolerate such nonsense as the selected rulers were now questioning the identity documents of the locals.

‘KMC Gizri Hospital’s 

facilities are almost free’

Spokesperson of Sindh government and Advisor for Law, Environment & Coastal Development Barrister Murtaza Wahab has said that they would spare no effort in serving the people and were doing their best to provide health facilities to the people.  

He informed at a simple ceremony giving medicines to the hospital management at KMC Hospital Gizri. “The support to our friends have given us today to dispense medicine at this hospital and is commendable and the fee for OPD at KMC Hospital is only Rs20 in which free medicines are also provided and maternity charges, including medicines are only Rs500 which is the cost of living in today’s era of inflation,” he stated.  

He further added that KMC Gizri Hospital was presenting a modern type of private hospital in which all the facilities were almost free. “PPP’s manifesto has to serve the people and provide them health, employment and education facilities,” he asserted.



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