ISLAMABAD   -  John Dorie met a tragic end during the shocking mid-season six premiere of Fear The Walking Dead on AMC.Murdered in a way no one could have predicted, the newlywed former cop [Garret Dillahunt] also had a heartbreaking last reunion with his bride.John fled to his riverside cabin on Sunday’s episode titled The Door after separating from June [Jenna Elfman] and growing depressed.

He’d had enough of the corrupt post-apocalypse world, and was sickened by the praise he’d received from the Pioneers for ‘solving’ the murder of its ranger Cameron [Noah Khyle].John sat at a table drinking liquor and contemplating suicide, spelling out ‘Goodbye June’ in Scrabble tiles.Frank Capra’s 1941 film Meet John Doe played on his TV, the story about an honest man in a rotten world.In the movie, Doe nearly kills himself as a response to societal ills, then thinks better of it.’I wouldn’t do that if I were you, John. It’ll do you no good,’ a man onscreen said. ‘Buried in Potters’ Field, and you will have accomplished nothing.’Twice John cocked a gun under his chin and twice he used it to shoot zombies outside.His door was completely off its hinges, so John canoed upriver to find supplies.As he went, he saw zombies on a bridge above him and massing behind a roadblock.John shot eight at a ‘bait and beer’ store and walked in, shouting that he wanted no trouble.