QUETTA   -   At least 12 dams have been damaged due to the recent heavy monsoon rains and flash floods in Balochistan, but none of the dams have broken, 60 to 70 thousand acre feet of water has accumulated in the dams, while there is capacity to store more water.

These views were expressed by Project Director 100 Dams Kaleemullah Bazai while talking to media here on Friday.

He said that under the 100 Dams Project, 66 dams have been completed in Balochistan while work on the rest of the dams was ongoing due to the recent monsoon rains and flood water. Technically, while other 11 dams were slightly damaged, none of the other dams were broken.

He said that the dams completed in Balochistan have the capacity to store 1, 48,000 acre feet of water, while so far 60 to 70 thousand acre feet of water has been collected due to recent rains.

He said that 21 feet of the water level has been risen which has reactivated closed tube wells and canals, which would benefit agriculture and also help to reduce prolong drought from respective areas of Balochistan.