Doors open for dialogue with institutions: Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supremo and former Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said that doors are open for dialogue with institutions.

During a Zoom meeting, the PTI chairman said that the Tosha Khana case, a prohibited funding case is being run to knock me out, adding that the plan is to shut down what is my voice. “Efforts are being made to lift the lifetime ban on Nawaz Sharif and this is such a terrible plan, there is no idea how much it will harm Pakistan. The biggest party of Pakistan is being harmed because our party is in all the provinces, the rest of the parties are limited to the provinces,” Imran added.

“I will tell my complete action plan in the hockey ground meeting in Lahore. But today I want to say that these conspiracies are trying to divert me from the path but they are pushing the country where the enemy wants,” the former PM said.

Regarding the extension of the Army Chief, he said that “Our effort is that whoever is the best in the Pakistan Army should come up and Army chiefs are being made all over the world. In Britain, whoever comes on merit is made army chief.”

“At this time efforts are being made in the whole country to create a divide between PTI and army because our enemies do not want a strong country, during my time the civil-military relationship was very strong, we were all on the same page,” Imran said.

The PTI chairman added that whoever tries to weaken this institution at this time will be supporting the enemy of Pakistan.

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