KARACHI - To celebrate the 75th Independence Day, Pakistan Cables employee volunteers visited a children’s emergency room to spend time with the children admitted in the ER facility for treatment. Volunteers distributed toys among children creating a memorable day for all involved. Prior to the volunteer activity, the company also made a donation to ChildLife Foundation, an NGO that manages the children’s emergency room at Sindh Government Hospital Korangi 5, Karachi.

“This day provokes Pakistanis to think about giving back and serving others, and it’s a great time for companies to take initiative in organizing community service events for employees. Our staff volunteering initiative brings our vision to life that focuses on transforming lives. ChildLife Foundation is a unique public-private sector partnership success story, and we are happy to have made a meaningful contribution towards it,” said Mariam Durrani, General Manager Marketing & Brands, Pakistan Cables Ltd.

ChildLife Foundation runs state-of-the-art children’s emergency rooms in partnership with the government in major cities, in addition to telemedicine satellite centres in district and tehsil level hospitals in rural areas. The Foundation is celebrating saving lives in 75+ hospitals on Pakistan’s 75th Independence Day.

Dr Ahson Rabbani, CEO ChildLife Foundation, said, “ChildLife serves Pakistan’s sickest and poorest children 24/7, completely free of cost through its growing network of children’s ERs and Telemedicine Satellite Centres. We are grateful to have reliable supporters like Pakistan Cables, whose active investment in saving Pakistan’s future – its children – is commendable. We hope to nurture our partnership with them to achieve our mission of a child-safe Pakistan.”