Ind Day celebrations begin with paragliding in Orakzai festival

ORAKZAI  -  Commencing a three-day extrav­aganza in honour of Indepen­dence Day, both male and female paragliding enthusiasts soared through the skies, infusing a thrilling dimension into the fes­tivities on a splendid Saturday.

The event gracefully unfold­ed against the backdrop of Sa­mana, a mesmerizing tourist haven nestled within the en­chanting Orakzai tribal district. Drawing in locals, tourists, in­dividuals of all ages, genders, and backgrounds, the festival’s diverse array of activities has magnetized crowds to this re­gion. Meticulous security meas­ures were meticulously put in place to ensure an atmosphere brimming with both safety and merriment throughout the cele­bration.

Respected community elders, among them Habibullah and Noorman Shah, underscored Samana’s status as an exquisite hill station within the Orakzai tribal district. They extended a warm invitation to people from every corner of the nation to sa­vour the innate natural splen­dour of the area.

Facilitating the festival’s logis­tics was the 234 Wing of the Orakzai Scouts, a paramilitary unit of the Pakistan Army. The inaugural day witnessed the par­ticipation of more than 50 para­gliding pilots, hailing from both domestic and international do­mains, as they showcased their prowess against the backdrop of Samana’s breathtaking vistas.

District Police Officer Nazir Ahmad Khan Tanoli reassured festival-goers about the robust security measures in place, en­couraging them to revel in the festivities without a trace of 

APPrehension. Brigadier (r) Ali Gohar, supervising the Par­agliding Club, hailed Samana as the nation’s premier paragliding destination. The region’s new­found tranquillity has paved the way for national-level par­agliding competitions, kindling the flame of enhanced tourism prospects.

The festival’s rich tapestry en­compasses not only the adren­aline of paragliding but also a medley of cultural and tradi­tional culinary delights. Amidst the captivating aerial displays, attendees can indulge in mouth­watering dishes from stalls that pay homage to the local heritage. To elevate the com­fort of both tourists and visi­tors, thoughtful organizers have erected tents across the festival grounds.

Residents hold optimistic hopes that the festival will act as a catalyst for bolstering tour­ism, auguring positively for the well-being of the area’s inhab­itants. Perched at an impres­sive altitude of 6,762 feet above sea level, Samana stands as an awe-inspiring testament to na­ture’s grandeur and the poten­tial for collective jubilation.

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