CALIFORNIA -Paul Walker could have been murdered. In its latest issue, America’s Globe Tabloid magazine alleges the fiery car crash that killed Fast & Furious star Paul was no accident. The shocking scenario has been laid out by crime analysts. Experts believe Walker and his driver pal were rubbed out and how the big-hearted actor’s charity work and film roles may be linked to his slaying.

Paul died in a car crash last month. He was 40. Meanwhile, Walker and Vin Diesel apparently hated each other. According to American tabloid the National Enquirer, the Fast & Furious costars frequently clashed, and there was no love lost between the pair. “Paul often couldn’t stand to be in the same room with Vin,” revealed a close source. “He didn’t openly badmouth him, but what millions of fans never knew is Paul really couldn’t stand Vin.

“Paul was convinced Vin was trying to outdo him - stealing the limelight and fawning all over the producers so they’d make him look good. “He considered Vin to be very self-centered.” They ignored each other and refused to speak - sometimes for days,” revealed the close source. Just days before his untimely death, Walker summed up their relationship. In an interview, he said the two men had respect for each other but added: “There are certain days I still want to crack him in the head…and there are days he wants to crack me in the head, too!”

Meanwhile another source reveals that Meadow Walker plans to honor her father’s legacy in the best way she knows how. The 15-year-old was devastated when dad Paul Walker died in a fiery car crash on November 30 - and is already planning to “honor her dad” by making sure his beloved charity, Reach Out Worldwide, will continue to help victims of natural disasters.

“Meadow’s heartbroken and grieving but she’s showing an incredible amount of strength,” a source tells HollywoodLife. “Everyone is amazed by how strong she is. Her family is all focused on looking after her and protecting her, but she’s actually helping them. “She has a very strong spirit, just like Paul, and it’s been a huge blessing for everyone to have her close. “She’s already talking about how she wants to honor her dad by making sure that his charity keeps going. That’s his legacy and the thing that he was most proud of, besides Meadow, so she’s really committed to making sure it lives.