Review: Café Latch - definitely a fastener!

Eating scrumptious food definitely calls for a glowing review. I am glad to break this news to you folks that Lahore welcomes a new eatery. Perched right in the midst of its social hub-Gulberg, it expresses the spirit of the modern and eclectic style personified by so many young and hip Lahoris.

Although not that spacious, Café Latch accommodates a number of relaxed eating as well as having some nice sipping experiences. It is perfectly lit for lunch to dinner, with an added facility of sitting outdoor, enjoying a balmy weather or a smoke as well.

The walls are without a glitch graphitised with catchy captions, giving it a more chic feeler. Snug sofas make it comforting for many who come to have a good time with friends and family. A scrumptious single-paged menu graces the table with offerings from across the globe, with an added tinge of the chef’s creativity. I tell you, the pricing is reasonable and it’s finger licking good.

First of all, we were served with soups. French onion soup and broccoli soup were the ones I tasted. Thickened to excellence, the soups were delightful. Then came the salads. Being a foodie, I tried four different types-namely crunchy caesar salad, crispy chicken and honey mustard which was OK, the very fine Greek salad and the finer caprese salad. The colours were indicative of the perfectly cooked state the vegetables were in. The iceberg leaves were crispy and cold with subtly seasoned sauces.

Barbecue wings, wasabi prawns, dynamite prawns and fried calamari were served as appetisers. Barbecue wings, however, did not make it to my list. Prawns; that too wasabi prawns were my favourite. Fried to aptness with a fine seasoning of wasabi, the components were complementing each other pleasingly.

Pasta is something that can never go wrong. Excuse me for being biased- but spaghetti carbonara was the one thing I can eat forever. Thanks to the small-sized serving, I got myself attracted to the desserts later. Capping off my experience with the eton mess, which I am sure will be the signature dish of the café, I was happily stuffed and able to see around and praise the interior too.

Tip for furtherance: increase the serving size.

The author is a high-school teacher, considerate mentor and a passionate learner. She pinpoints fashion trends and loves writing about all the chic people in the glossy industry as well as about the drifts in the fast-paced fashion industry.

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