Country suffering because of fake, incompetent govt: Bilawal

The PPP Chairman, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that the country is suffering because of the fake, incompetent and illegitimate government.

Addressing the PDM rally at Minar-e-Pakistan, he said that recalled that his grandfather Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had founded the party in Punjab. PPP workers in Lahore, Bilawal said, went through torture but continued to support democracy.

"Punjab's pag (turban) is on the head of the puppet of a puppet. Is this acceptable to Punjab?" he asked, adding that he neither accepted the prime minister nor his chief minister. He insisted that the PDM's "war is not for power but for the rights" of the people.

The PPP chief said that non-democratic forces termed as the establishment, which he refers to as the selectors, "have been conspiring against you (public) and have been forming governments of their choice". He said that the incumbent government was brought to power "through the umpire's signal".

"Selectors, listen clearly, you will have to listen to the public's voice, you will have to accept their decision, the time for dialogue is gone, now there will be a long march," said a charged Bilawal.

"Stop making phone calls, stop trying to establish contacts. No differences can be created between us, we will reach Islamabad and chase your puppet out. Once he is gone, then there can be dialogue," said Bilawal.

He said that PDM is reaching out to every town and village. "Things are in a dismal state with today's incompetent, illegal and unqualified government. People have nothing but curses in their hearts and on their lips."

The PPP Chairman said that these "fools have no clue or wisdom about history", adding: "When have we ever feared dictators? We have burned all our boats."

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt