The 1971 Story, Like Never Told Before

Javed Jabbar’s documentary tells it like it was, Happening in Town

Mehvish Yazdani

Fifty years after Pakistan was split into two, on December 16, 2021, Javed Jabbar’s documentary Separation of East Pakistan - The Untold Story will unveil the true facts of the circumstances from 1947 to 1971 that created an environment which led to the making of Bangladesh. 

The documentary shows Sheikh Mujibur Rehman did not want independence and how he played into the hands of India supported by the Soviet Union. 

The documentary reveals with hard facts how India, with the help of its allies in Bangladesh, had, over several years, orchestrated a separatist movement in East Pakistan, using militant groups to create civil unrest and agitation in the name of nationalism, and promotion of false information and lies to justify their direct involvement which they continue to propagate to date to ensure the relations between Bangladesh and Pakistan remain strained. 

Javed Jabbar, using the expertise and deep insight of renowned international and national historians, journalists, analysts, researchers, former civil servants, and veterans, has also shared the misguided decisions, naivety, and political immaturity of the leadership of West Pakistan, which provided conducive environment for external forces to play international politics to change the shape of the sub-continent.

The documentary takes a fact-based objective approach devoid of emotions and hyperboles to methodically demystify the history of 1971. There is no proving right or wrong, and blame games, there is just the truth. Plain and simple truth of what really happened, so that Pakistan and Bangladesh can move towards better relations and strengthening their brotherly ties, after all they were born as one.

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