Customs Dept yields Rs58m from auction of non-custom paid goods

MULTAN   -  Customs Collectorate Multan gen­erated revenue of Rs. 58 million during auction of non custom paid seized-goods at the Customs House, on Monday. 

According to official sources, Dep­uty Collector Fareeduddin Masood supervised the auction held on the third floor of the Customs House. 

The auction included a variety of items, such as non custom-paid ve­hicles, dry milk, silk cloths, various types of tyres, solar inverters, and vehicle scrap. The auction resulted in revenue of Rs. 58 million. 

Sources revealed that 1150 bags of dry milk were sold for Rs. 9 mil­lion, 70 solar inverters for Rs. 2.1 million, 6,000 tyres for Rs. 8.3 mil­lion, art silk cloths for Rs. 12.3 mil­lion, and vehicle scrap for Rs. 12.4 million. Overall, the auction yielded a total revenue of Rs. 58 million.

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