Expert for counselling of parents having autistic children

ISLAMABAD   -  The health expert on Mon­day stressed the need for awareness to cope with the autism disease, as early detection and ther­apy are the keys for the management of children with autism. While talking to PTV News, a Psychi­atrist Dr Uzma Masroor explained that autism is a spectrum disorder that refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with speech, nonverbal communication, social skills, and repeti­tive behaviour. “Children with autism are capable of learning like any other children,” she said, adding that there is a stigma that people are usually judg­mental towards such kids and pass unwanted ad­vice to the caretakers. She said that consistent me­dia campaigns are raising awareness which is open­ing doors of opportunities for the children challenged with autism. She said that autism rehabilitation ser­vices are helping in provid­ing support and training to the families for managing their kids with patience. Dr Uzama underlined that biomedical therapy helps a child in healing gradually from autism.

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