Solar panel prices jump again in Pakistan

LAHORE   -  With the start of summer season, the prices of solar panels jump across Pakistan. The price of solar panels for consumers has increased between Rs75000 to 300,000. Now a system of 7 kilowatts will cost over Rs920,000 instead of previous Rs850,000 price. A panel system of 10 kilowatts can be installed now in 12.5 lakh rupees instead of 11 lakh. A 12 kilowatt solar system will be available for 16 lakh rupees instead of 14 lakh. A solar system of 15 kilowatts will be available for 18 lakh rupees instead of 15 lakh. Above mentioned prices will be provided to the customers on grid system instead of hybrid. Additional cost of batteries will be charged for installation of hybrid system. Most of the consumers are generating electricity under the net metering project of the federal government.

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