Past in Perspective

“There will be no Bengalis, no Punjabis, no Sindhis, no Pathans, no Balochis, no Bahawalpuris, no Khairpuris. The disappearance of these groups will strengthen the integrity of Pakistan.”

–Muhammad Ali Bogra

Unfortunately, our political and military leadership has always focused on the short-term gains while telling the people that they are working on long-term plans; therefore, the people should wait for the desired results. However, the people of Pakistan have never witnessed the desired objectives, rather what they get is the quite the opposite to that of the desired one. This phenomenon is witnessed from economic challenges to social challenges, from social to military challenges, and military to the challenge of physical existence. PM Bogra announced One Unit Scheme in 1956 for governmental efficiency, and to eradicate the ethnic differences among the people. However, what we achieved was the growing social grievances among the Bengalis, Balochis, Sindhis, and Pakhtuns. Had Pakistan not adopted this imprudent, injudicious and short-sighted decision, Pakistan would have not only been united but also at peace with the ethnic nationalists. Things are still in control in Balochistan unlike the conditions in West Pakistan. As witnessed, the military solution has never worked in this area. Pakistani leadership should take lessons from Georges Clemenceau who said “War is too serious a matter to leave to soldiers”; and adopt a political solution to mainstream the ethnic nationalist militants.

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