Pakistan, Iran, China, Russia agree to carry out joint efforts against ISIS

Pakistan, Iran, China and Russia have agreed for integrated efforts for rooting out Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) from Afghanistan for ensuring regional peace and to eliminate the terrorism from the region.

The defence sources revealed that the recent meeting of intelligence heads of Pakistan, Russia, Iran and China was held in China in which mutual cooperation against the menace of terrorism between all four important regional players was discussed.

The meeting also took special review of prevailing situation in Afghanistan. It also discussed the matters regarding the threats due to presence of terrorists groups hailed from Middle East in the region and it was clarified that the cooperation of four countries is against ISIS and all other terrorists group and not against any country .

The sources further informed that the increasing activities of ISIS in Afghanistan led the way to call the meeting in which the ways and means to prevent the arrival of ISIS terrorists to Afghanistan from Iraq and Syria was also came under discussion . In this regard, it is agreed that all the four countries would share the intelligence information.

The representative from Russia, Sargai Narshan informed the meeting that according to the information of Russian intelligence agency, around 10,000 terrorist of ISIS are functioning actively in the nine provinces of Afghanistan, whereas the stance of Afghan administration is that the number of ISIS terrorists is not more than 2000 in their country.

In the meeting Iran also showed its reservation on the escalating influence of ISIS. All the members have agreed that the safe heavens of terrorists exist there, where the Afghan government doesn't have its writ.

The meeting was informed that the ISIS in Afghanistan call themselves Khurasan Branch, which is involved in the planning of continued suicide attacks especially in Pakistan so that all the four participants of the meeting have agreed to take measures against ISIS.

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