“When the flood submerges the whole country,

no raindrop may feel responsible.”

–Erik Pevernagie

The Yangtze River flood occurred in 1931 and is considered to be one of the worst and most devastating natural disasters in history. IT was also one of the deadliest. Extreme rainfall in China flooded the extremely populated Yangtze River basin and water spread to an area of over 500-square-mile. Millions of people were forced to evacuate due to the water but the most dangerous aspect of this was not the water but the famine and disease that followed. Rice fields were obliterated by the flood and massive starvation followed in major cities south of China. The contaminated still-standing water also caused diseases to spread throughout the population. Typhoid was rampant and the government was not able to deal with this crisis because it was busy fighting a civil war as well. An estimated 3.7 million people died as a result of this calamity.