JHANG - PML-N Vice-President Maryam Nawaz said on Tuesday that Pakistan Muslim League led by Shehbaz Sharif was not competing with arch-rival PTI but with ‘incompetence and inflation’.

The PML-N leader was leading rallies in Jhang on Tuesday as a part of her party’s campaign for the by-polls being held for Punjab Assembly seats PP-125 and PP-127.

The PML-N leader addressed rallies in Jhang’s Gojra Morr and Chiniot Morr, where she slammed the PTI.

In her address at Gojra Morr, Maryam told the people that PML-N had formed a government in the province and now the hard times were over and the good times were on the horizon.

“If the people want inflation to decrease then they should vote for PML-N. PML-N’s competition is not with Imran Khan but with inflation and incompetence,” Maryam said while making a case for the people of Jhang to vote for her party in the July 17 by-polls. She asked the people to make a promise to her that they will throw out the people against Punjab’s development.

The PML-N leader also assured the people that she will not rest easy till their fortunes are changed.

Maryam concluded her rally with a public gathering in Jhang’s Athara Hazari, where she told the people that as soon as she entered the district she had been hearing only two things that Imran Khan was a ‘liar and thief’.

The PML-N leader told the people that the country would have gone bankrupt had the coalition government not taken difficult decisions, adding that only good news will be heard now.

“Shehbaz Sharif has sought a summary as soon as oil prices declined internationally,” said Maryam. She claimed that the PM would announce a decrease in petrol prices within two days.

Says prime minister will soon announce big relief for masses

“Shehbaz Sharif asked me to tell people of Jhang that the government will ease your difficulties,” said Maryam. She added that the price of petroleum products was increased out of necessity and blamed former prime minister Imran Khan’s policies for the hike.

Taking a jibe at her party’s arch-rival Imran Khan, Maryam said that the PTI chairman was now targeting the children of her father and uncle. She also advised him to go to Swabi and Tank where there was flooding instead of abusing people in Punjab.

“Have you ever seen a public representative go to court for relief provided to the people?” asked Maryam while mentioning the PTI’s decision to go to court over Punjab CM’s decision to provide free electricity to households consuming less than 100 units of power.

“He went to court asking them to stop Hamza Shehbaz from providing free electricity to the people. You kick or cry on July 17 the poor will get free electricity,” said Maryam. While labelling Imran as an enemy of Punjab, she said that the people will not vote for him in the upcoming by-polls.

On July 17, the control of the Punjab Assembly will be on the line, as the race for 20 seats in the province heats up.

In Pakistan’s most politically important province, the PML-N is hoping to maintain its narrow control over its fortress while the PTI is aiming to wrest the province away from the ruling party.

Both the parties are campaigning hard to win control of Punjab, PML-N’s Maryam Nawaz has been addressing rallies in all the constituencies while the PTI Chairman Imran Khan himself is leading his party’s campaign.