Resolution of Kashmir issue imperative for stability and regional peace: NA Speaker, Deputy Speaker

ISLAMABAD - Speaker National Assembly Raja Pervez Ashraf and Deputy Speaker Zahid Akram Durrani on Tuesday said that the people of Occupied Kashmir have made eternal sacrifices for the sake of independence.

In their separate messages on the occasion of Kashmir Martyrs’ Day which is being observed on July 13, they said that the blood of unarmed Kashmiris, who were martyred by the Indian forces would not go in vain and the day was not far when the people of Kashmir would see the dawn of freedom in occupied Kashmir through their struggle for their right to self-determination. They said that Kashmir issue was an unfinished agenda of partition of subcontinent without which lasting peace in South Asia is impossible.

Blood of unarmed Kashmiris, who were martyred by Indian forces would not go in vain

The speaker said that the day reminds us of a great tragedy in the history of Kashmir, when the army of Dogra Maharaja martyred 22 protesters due to the recitation of Azan. The blood of innocent Kashmiris, who were martyred by the forces of Dogra Maharaja on July 13, 1931 would never go in vain. The speaker said that thousands of innocent children have been martyred in Occupied Kashmir for the last 75 years and thousands of incidents of desecration and rape of women have taken place. The hands of the so-called democratic government of India were stained with the blood of thousands of Kashmiri martyrs. He urged the international community to take stern notice of the atrocities perpetrated by India in Kashmir and play its role in ending the ongoing human rights violations in occupied Kashmir. Raja Pervez Ashraf said that resolution of Kashmir issue was essential for the establishment of lasting peace in the region.