ISLAMABAD - The presence of both Imran Khan and Mariyam Nawaz in by-elections campaign, offering hyperbolic promises in their speeches, undoubtedly ensnaring the masses.

Seemingly, it is an equal contest on most of the seats, as it is still hard to guess the real support of voters listening wispy promises by their candidates in the ongoing campaign.

Though the hustle bustle on each twenty seats is almost equal, yet the eight constituencies in Southern Punjab in which some have interesting dynamics.

The personality vote, family and caste support for candidates are an important factor in this region for candidates from both sides [PML-N and PTI] yet they are facing bit trouble to defend their old promise to carve out separate province [Southern Punjab].

The unscheduled load shedding, price-hike and prices of petroleum products have made it difficult to confidently speak on it. The candidates from both sides were seen blaming each other responsible for it.

The candidates ruling party [PML-N] , having support of allies and former independent candidates, are still unsure about their victory as over the instructions of leadership some sitting MPs have tendered resignations from their seats to avoid any expected objection by the ECP. They are now openly taking part in the by-elections campaign.

The campaign over these eight constituencies of Punjab has gained remarkable momentum after the entries of leadership.

The temperature of July is not affecting the campaign as it reflects from the attendance of voters in public meetings.

The candidates elected as PTI legislators prefer to contest on PML-N ticket whereas the candidates from PML-N or on independent seats are contesting on an election symbol ‘bat’.

The overview of eight constituencies reveals that the candidates of Multan, Muzafargarh, Leyyah, Lodhran, Chechawatni and DG Khan will witness very close competition.

The survey of constituencies conducted by The Nation, the candidate from DG Khan, Abdul Qadir from PML-N is contenting election against PTI candidate Saif ud Din Khosa. Buzdar is a son of sitting PTI MNA Sardar Amjad Farooq Khosa.

The family vote will affect the results at this area.

In Muzafargarh, Zara Fatima, the wife of PTI dissident Basit Sultan Bokhari, will contest against her close relative Haroon Sultan. Both the candidates have backing of their tribes, but personality vote would also count at this constituency.

In Leyyah, Tahir Randhawa from PML-N and Qaiser Magsi from PTI will contest mainly on caste and tribes votes. The competition will almost equal at this area.

The Lodhran constituency will have interesting match. Amir Iqbal Shah, having support of Kanjo group, is contesting on PTI ticket. He earlier was the candidate of PML-N. Likewise, Zawar Waraich is contesting on PML-N ticket as earlier his loyalties were with PTI.

In Multan, PTI’s Zain Shah will give tough time to PML-N Sheikh Sulman. The PML-N candidate has the support of Sheikh, Bhutta and other families in this contest.

Political pundits viewed that the results could be surprising at these constituencies as competition and preparations are almost same.