LSE listed as one of top 200 Int’l Trade Programmes in world

LAHORE-The Lahore School of Economics has been listed as one of the top 200 International Trade Programmes in the world.
These rankings explore programmes that upskill their students for a career in international trade, using criteria that rates universities on programme content, innovative teaching practices, and how universities get students ready for employment. If you’re a student pursuing or considering a career in international trade, then these rankings will help you discover the courses that could get you into the sector most effectively. The QS International Trade Rankings can include any MBA or master’s programme with the content to prepare students for a career in international trade. The rankings use indicators including programme content and teaching, faculty experience in international trade, university academic and employer reputation, return on investment for graduates, and university partnerships with employers.
These new rankings have been made possible by The Hinrich Foundation, a philanthropic organisation working to advance mutually beneficial and sustainable global trade through research and education. The Hinrich Foundation offers research and teaching materials to aid the strengthening of global trade education as well as grants and scholarships to support candidates.

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