SOUTH WAZIRISTAN -US aircrafts violated Pakistan air space and launched another air strike in the South Waziristan tribal region, witnesses said on Thursday. There was no casualty but the air raid at Angoor Ada near the Afghan border created panic among the people. According to sources, the US planes on Wednesday night bombed Zeyub mountainous range, around 25 km west of Wana, the center of South Waziristan. The air strike uprooted trees and created deep caves in the mountainous region. After the US air strike, more than 10 Mortar shells were fired from the Bermal area in Afghanistan, locals said. The shells landed at Angoor Adda, Bagar and Moosa Nika and caused huge explosions, they said. An official said that the local administration had also received information about the air strike. The air strike on Waziristan came a day after US planes bombed Mohmad Agency and killed 11 Pakistani soldiers and other people. Sources said that the American spy planes were seen flying at low altitude in North Waziristan.