The Karachi airport is reached from Shahrah-e-Faisal. There is, however, another access to airport from Pehalwan Goth, Gulistan-e-Johar, which is a shorter route. Thousands of motorists drive through this vital passage round the clock. An arterial road that is under casual surveillance, it passes alongside the airplane runway fence and sensitive CAA, ASF and PIA installations. It is plied upon by a variety of vehicles like water-tankers, oil-tankers, loading trucks, school vans, motorbike riders, staff buses of ASF, PIA, Pakistan Steel besides bicycles, handheld loading push carts etc that keep rolling on this road even in the dead of the night. The road remains chock-a-block, during office hours and school timings. Those, frequenting on this route usually come across ugly situations such as constant honking by irresponsible drivers, or forced overtaking. Quarrels, even brawls, have taken place here and many fatal, head-on collisions have been nearly missed that mostly go unreported. In view of the present security situation in the country, I suggest the following measures to make this alternative route safe; (1) Statistical data in respect to total number and type of vehicles taking this route on staggered timings may be compiled by scientific methods and improvement plan devised accordingly. Before implementation of plan, leaflets may be distributed to commuters for awareness. (2) A double-line may be painted on the road that should indicate restriction on overtaking. (3) Placards and signboards may be placed to forewarn motorists to stay in line for their own safety and to know that monitoring of traffic is in place. (4) Fixing of turnpikes to restrict heavy vehicles. (5) Ban on commercial vehicles. (6) Traffic sergeants to eye traffic by active patrolling at least during peak hours, and to impose fine on traffic violators on the spot. (7) The road barricaded from PIA motor transport section leading through CAA quarters to Star Gate may be opened and private traffic may be diverted to this road to protect important installations located en-route to terminal I building. (8) Most important of all, a double-lane road from Pehalwan Goth to Shahrah-e-Faisal may be constructed on both sides of the presently open floodwater drain that passes through the area. It would offer an alternate reliable route to airport and adjacent localities. CAA owns the patch of land, therefore relocation of present structures, if falling in the way of new road would not be problem. -S. BUKHARI, Karachi, June 12.