Karachi it may very difficult to pay attention to your kitchen. Therefore it becomes convenient for people stuck in routine to just grab some snacks that have come to be recognised as a part of Ramadan traditions for Iftar. So every Ramadan when people talk about the benefits of fasting, patience and self-discipline, my mind goes back to our old cook Muhammad Din, who used to think Ramadan was all about eating rich oily foods especially at Sehri and Iftari. 


Din would say us to after putting a peechdaar paratha dripping with butter on our plates which he expected us to have with fried eggs and chicken karahi. To wash it all down he put us jugs full of cold sweets Lassi and Milk. 

Refraining from eating to drinking for some 10 to 12 hours also helps cleanse our bodies. It is like detox. Many stalls taking extra pains to fry pakora, samosa, kachori, rolls, and jalebi etc. They are because they are in demand. After having a heavy Iftar many peoples complain of indigestion and heart burn but they are back to the same snacks the very next days they associate them with the traditions of Ramadan. But they are forgetting the discipline and control which they really should be aiming for holy month. 


Karachi, May 22.