NA resolves to punish May 9 rioters

ISLAMABAD   -   The National Assembly on Monday unanimously passed a resolution de­manding that action against the per­petrators and instigators of May 9 violent acts should be completed without any delay under law and the Constitution.

The resolution, moved by the Minis­ter for Defence, says those involved in the violent acts on military installa­tions must be tried and sentenced un­der Army Act 1952 without any delay.

The lawmaker in the resolution men­tioned that one political party and its Chairman on May 9 whilst breaching the law and the Constitution crossed all the boundaries and attacked the military installations. “Such incidents caused an ir­reparable loss to the state and state insti­tutions,” says the resolution, adding that the agenda of this party is based on enmi­ty against Pakistan. It also strongly rejected the impression that human rights violations are being committed whilst dealing with the miscreant elements or the culprits of May 9. The house has already passed two resolu­tions in the last couple of day condemning the May 9 violent act.

Minister for Defence Khwaja Muham­mad Asif, speaking on a point of order, said the attacks on the military installa­tions were already planned. “Disregarding the blood of martyrs cannot be tolerated under any circumstances,” he said, add­ing that the former ruling party is attack­ing the integrity and sovereignty of the country. He made it clear that the present government has not passed any new law keeping in mind the May 9 incident. “Our armed forces are waging a war for the de­fense of the country and their personnel continue to render their lives for the se­curity of the country,” he said, adding that

Earlier, leader of opposition in the na­tional assembly Raja Riaz Ahmed drew attention of the present government to­wards education and agriculture sectors. Initiating debate on finance bill 2023-24, the opposition leader asked the PDM’s government to pay special attention to the uplift of agriculture and industri­al sectors. The special attention on these sectors would help enhancing foreign ex­change reserves and reducing economic crisis in the country.

The opposition leader was of the view that there was a need to earmark substan­tial amounts for the agriculture sector. ”Pro­moting agriculture research is need of the hour,” he said adding that there was a need to be self-reliant on food item, as Pakistan is ranked as an agricultural country.

Riaz further said the government increase in electricity and gas tariffs has badly affect­ed our industries. The present the govern­ment should extend maximum facilitation to the industries to revive the economy.

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