SNGPL urges media to play role in educating citizens about natural gas’s safe use

Rawalpindi-The SNGPL is committed to serve the valued consumers up to their entire satisfaction. The unpleasant incidents of gas blast in Rawalpindi city occurred due to negligence and unsafe usage of gas.
This was stated by Shahid Akram, spokesman of Sui Northern Gas pipelines Ltd Rawalpindi Region here on Monday. While referring to a news item published in a section of the press, he stated, “No such leakage complaint was received in any of our complaint centers in Rawalpindi city. We were shocked to hear about the unpleasant incidents that took place in Rawalpindi city in which precious lives were lost.”  
While sharing sympathies with the affected families, the spokesman of SNGPL   stated that our complaint centers are operating round the clock 24/7 which are swiftly responding to the received complaints.
He urged the local print and electronic media to play their vital role in creating awareness amongst various sections of society about safe use of gas so that such unpleasant incidents of gas blasts are avoided in future.
He  stated that in order to avoid such unpleasant incidents , the  consumers must adopt precautionary measures while using gas facilities which include checking of internal house lines at least twice in a year through trained/skilled plumber to rectify the leakages if any. One must also thoroughly check gas leakages in the house before shifting the family.   Instant gas geysers should not be installed inside the washrooms in any way as carbon monoxide may accumulate in the room, causing fire or gas blast. The spokesman warned that in case the gas is accumulated in any room, no electric switch be turned on or   off as the spark inside the socket may cause the blast. 
He also stressed on use of gas appliances of good brands and to avoid use of rubber pipes with heaters and stoves. He specifically urged the consumers to disconnect gas heaters in summer season and to put proper stoppers/plugs to avoid any leakage.

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