Alhamra exploring new avenues for cultural growth

LAHORE   -   Lahore Arts Council (LAC), Chairman Razi Ahmed said on Wednesday that new avenues were being explored for literary and culture advancement. He stated this while addressing a meeting here at Alhamra Arts Centre. The Board of Governors (BoG) members emphasised expanding cultural programmes to grassroots levels and restoring rare musical instruments, he added. Executive Director Sarah Rashid disclosed Alhamra’s mandate to work nationally and internationally, underscoring its commitment to presenting literary and cultural programmes despite limited resources. The meeting discussed plans, reaffirming the determination to strengthen various sectors on innovative lines. Board members expressed confidence in Alhamra’s performance under new leadership, Sarah added. Members including Prof Salima Hashmi, Sufia Baidar, Hamad Ghaznavi, Qudsia Rahim, Dr Naila Naz, Sohail Warraich, Nadeem Shahid, Imran Qureshi, and others attended the meeting. Whereas, Lahore Arts Council (LAC) Alhamra hosted an event to honour the life and works of renowned Sufi poet, Mian Muhammad Bakhsh at Adbi Bethak Alhamra The Mall here on Wednesday. Distinguished scholar Dr Asghar Nadeem Syed, delivered an engaging talk on Bakhsh’s profound poetry and influential personality. Chairman Alhamra Razi Ahmes also attended the session. Dr Syed emphasized the enduring relevance of Bakhsh’s work, highlighting its spiritual wisdom and humanistic values. “Mian Muhammad Bakhsh’s poetry transcends time, providing insights into life’s eternal truths,” he noted. Dr Syed explored themes of love, devotion, and the pursuit of truth, illustrating how Bakhsh’s verses guide readers toward inner peace and righteousness. He also shared personal anecdotes about Bakhsh, portraying him as a figure of humility and wisdom. Dr Syed’s eloquent narration deeply moved the audience, which included literature enthusiasts and scholars. Executive Director Alhamra, Sarah Rashid, expressed her gratitude to Dr Syed, emphasizing the importance of such discussions in preserving Pakistan’s cultural heritage. “We must keep Mian Muhammad Bakhsh’s teachings alive for future generations,” she stated. The event reaffirmed Alhamra’s commitment to celebrating Pakistan’s literary giants and fostering a deeper appreciation for its rich poetic traditions.

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