Cabinet Division submits response on plea challenging Ishaq Dar appointment as deputy PM

The Cabinet Division has submitted the response in Islamabad High Court (IHC) on plea challenging Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar’s appointment in additional office of deputy prime minister.

IHC’s Chief Justice Aamer Farooq heard the case filed against Ishaq Dar’s appointment as deputy PM.
The Cabinet Division has submitted the response on the case today.

The response stated that “deputy PM’s role is of honory nature and there is no established office for this position”.

Petitioner’s counsel Riaz Hanif Rahi asserted that Ishaq Dar was beneficiary of this case and files of such cases stayed untouched.

Counsel implied that role of Ishaq Dar as deputy PM wasn’t under the constitution and people were holding dual charges in 126 offices under the premises of IHC. He added that more than 50 petitions against dual appointments were filed in the courts.

Counsel requested to court to form larger bench on dual appointments cases for good governance of institutions.

Riaz Hanif stated that Ishaq Dar hold two key position, foreign minister and deputy PM, similarly, chief commissioner Islamabad also hold additional charge of Capital Development Authority (CDA) chairman.

Counsel contended that if any person holds unconstitutional office, case shouldn’t proceeded further even for one day.

Petitioner’s counsel insisted that dual appointments were exploitation of unemployment and the court could make history by issuing judgement on dual appointments.

Consequently, the court has adjourned the case hearing.

It is pertinent to note that appointment of Senator Ishaq Dar as deputy PM was challenged in IHC on May 17.

On May 16, a petition filed against Ishaq Dar’s appointment as deputy pm in Lahore High Court (LHC) was dismissed declaring it inadmissible.

It is worth noting that PM Shehbaz Sharif appointed the Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar on additional charge of deputy PM on April 28.