Baloch Culture Day

On 2nd of March, Baloch Culture Day was celebrated in Balochistan as well as Iran, Afghanistan, Dubai, Muscat and Bahrain, where Baloch people reside and celebrate the day to showcase the culture’s existence to the wider world. The Baloch mark the Culture Day by wearing traditional dresses and Balochi turbans. Baloch are considered brave people, living around every corner of the world. Their everlasting contributions have proved their inner power and abilities, as history has witnessed that the Baloch have participated in several conflicts bravely and emerged victorious. The Baloch are untied and hand-in-hand with each other, and treat everyone with respect, love and care. They always stay active for assisting and supporting humanity whenever it is in dire need of help. Baloch are culturally rich in every angle, and have made their own inventions that are being used to carry out basic daily functions.

The Balochi culture has very rich folk musical dances and songs, such as Lewa, Nazenk etc., which are performed in marriage ceremonies and attract audiences entirely. The attractive instrument used commonly is the flute, in local variations called Nal, Tambora or Soroz, which is an inspirational tool for performing musical ceremonies with dances. The most famous folk dance is known as Dochaapi, where the participants move in a circle, clapping their hands on certain occasions The folk artisans get gratification for their work, since it influences everyone positively.

We expect that the Balochi culture and language would live forever, with its everlasting and unique patterns of expressions that the Baloch perform in their ceremonies and daily lives. The Baloch Culture Day is a real sign of spreading awareness around the globe about what the Baloch culture is, and how a cultural revolution is overtaking the modern world.


Turbat, February 28

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