HYDERABAD - Earning livelihood for senior celebrities particularly for Pakistani actors and actresses in last days of life have remained a big financial problem. When it comes to differentiate Pakistan and Indian film Industry Indian actors ousted from Silver Screen have lead prosper life as compared to Pakistani actors and actresses who lack austerity measures and spent last days in coalescence. According to a report of a Film website, there are so many examples of Indian stars who during their professional life saved sufficient amount to secure their future but contrary many Pakistani actors and actresses avoided such practice in their professional career except Muhammad Ali, Nadeem, Waheed Murad, Shahid and Sudhir who saved so much with their wisdom by adopting austerity measures. Majority of female actresses remained healthy including Deeba and Naghma who were active on mini screen even working in nominal roles. Zeba and Musarat Nazeer despite quitting film world leading prosper life, because of lucrative business owned by their spouses. Melody queen Noor jahan during her professional career save sufficient wealth which was utilized by her children. In Singers Mehdi Hassan and A. Nayyar lead the last days in coalescence. Comedian Lehri and Habib also faced hard days. Veteran artist Sabiha Khanam who recently died in America also faced hard coalescence and had worked in a restaurant to earn her bread and butter.