Say no to corruption  

“Say no to corruption!” We are all familiar with this slogan and hear it often. But what is the purpose of this slogan? Is it a message for all of us? If so, are we taking it seriously and practicing it? I will be discussing corruption in my country, Pakistan. Corruption is a major problem in Pakistan, spreading like a fungus rapidly growing on a stale or uncovered piece of bread, completely absorbing it.

Firstly, we need to understand what corruption actually means. Corruption doesn’t just refer to earning money illegally for personal benefits; it’s a form of dishonesty towards yourself, your society, and your country. An action isn’t corrupt until we make it corrupt. Corruption exists everywhere, in every field, whether it’s an army officer, a bureaucrat, a politician, a shopkeeper, or a milkman. Even teachers, doctors, and engineers can be corrupt by being dishonest in their profession. For instance, if a teacher isn’t teaching the students efficiently, he/she is corrupt. Similarly, if a student is cheating, he/she is also corrupt.

This problem isn’t just of society but also of our mindsets, which are set solely to gain money and personal benefits without thinking about what is halal and haram. We can’t eradicate corruption from our society unless we ourselves want to. We should be honest, firstly with ourselves, our profession, and most importantly, with our country. The government of Pakistan and FIA should work towards creating a corruption-free society and a corruption-free Pakistan. It’s our duty to serve our nation and country with honesty so that we can overcome all the issues and deliver a good message to our next generations. It will undoubtedly take time, but effort leads to success. Once again, let’s all say no to corruption!



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