SDPI demands tripartite inquiry commission

ISLAMABAD The Sustainable Development Policy Institute Thursday demanded of a tripartite inquiry commission involving higher judiciary, parliamentarians representing all parties and military officials to fix responsibility of security failure that facilitated US military operation in Abbottabad. The Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), countrys independent think tank in a policy statement, has demanded of the government to immediately invite all parties conference and express political will to respond to the situation according to the aspirations of the people instead of the military dictated stereotype statements. The government should reconsider all secret agreements of Musharraf government with the US. The government should not defend the agencies saying they are in their control. No one can buy this claim by the government as people know that the government has no control over foreign and defence related matters as even the military directly deals with the Americans in strategic dialogue, policy statement stated. The military establishment should categorically reassess their positions and should tell the nation a truth about what happened on May 02 and how come they did not track down foreign aggression. They should not and cannot shift blame for their failure on political leadership, as every one knows that who is in real power on defence and foreign affairs, said the statement. The SDPI policy statement further said that the military should immediately fix responsibility on those who helped Osama come Pakistan and stay for so long in a military protected area. Secret agencies need to raise level of tolerance for criticism and change their criteria to declare any citizen anti state as the officials of agencies are not the only patriot. Secret agencies should focus on state security issues instead of meddling in politics and influencing agenda setting of media to defend even their failures at the cost of the peoples Right to Know, added the statement. Generally media has played a vital role in informing the people about the post Osama operation situation but at times a few TV anchors did try to confuse the people by their hypothetical work. SDPI appealed to common people and those with religious groups that they should separate religion from terrorism of al-Qaeda as Islam does not allow killing innocent people. By portraying Osama as hero, one may badly inflict the cause of Muslims and provide opportunity to the US to target Muslims and Islam across the world, it added.

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