KARACHI - People of Karachi are facing hardships as K-Electric, the city’s sole power provider has increased load-shedding duration in Metropolis amid hot weather. As per details, duration of load-shedding in Karachi has reached up to 10 to 14 hours and the areas with zero load-shedding are also facing power cuts.

Model Colony, Meerath Society, UP Morr, North Karachi, Gadap, Korangi, Garden, Kharadar, Old City area and others faced prolonged power outages during nighttime. On the other hand, the K-Electric has strongly denied any news of unannounced loadshedding taking place across the city, as the country grapples with an unprecedented heatwave. Commenting on the impact on the power sector, Director Communications and Spokesperson K-Electric Imran Rana stated.



“The area-wise schedule for all potentially affected consumers has been uploaded in advance on KE’s website. KE also reiterates that areas with losses under 20 per cent along with 400 feeders serving Karachi’s industrial zones continue to receive uninterrupted power.”


Expounding on the KE’s efforts to manage the situation, the KE spokesperson shared that a 24/7 crisis monitoring cell had been established under the leadership of the company’s chief distribution officer.