Police arrest Yasmin Rashid, Aamir Dogar, others


Khusro Bakhtiar, Afzal Sahi, Bilal Basra also taken into custody by law enforcers.

LAHORE    -   Amid a chaotic situation caused by the ar­rest of PTI leader Imran Khan, crackdown on Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leaders con­tinued on the third consecutive day as the police arrested senior PTI leaders from dif­ferent cities for their alleged involvement in inciting the people to violence. The police on Friday arrested Dr Shireen Mazari, Dr Yasmin Rashid, Aamir Dogar and Mubeen Khilji while raids are underway to arrest other PTI leaders. Dr Yasmin Rashid was taken into custody in the early hours of Fri­day morning from her residence in Lahore. Although the PTI leadership had gone into hiding to escape arrest, she made a public appearance late Thursday night. PTI leader Andleeb Abbas confirmed the arrest of Dr Yasmin from Lahore. Close family mem­bers of Dr Yasmin were taken into custody two days prior to her arrest in order to get to her but her husband was set free after his health slumped. Yasmin’s brother-in-law is still in custody. There are various cases reg­istered against Dr Yasmin including inciting the protestors to storm the Corps Com­mander Lahore residence. Also, in a pre-dawn raid Dr Shereen Mazari was arrested, from her Islamabad residence. Women of­ficers were also present during the police raid as more than 20 officers took part in the operation and arrested Shireen Mazari and transferred her to the concerned police station. In Sialkot, the police arrested Us­man Dar’s brother Aamir Dar. Police sources have also confirmed that PTI leaders Khusro Bakhtiar, Afzal Sahi and Bilal Basra have also been arrested and have been shifted to Lahore’s Sarwar Road Police Station on Fri­day. Another senior PTI leader, Malik Amir Dogar was arrested from outside High Court Bar Association Multan on Friday. Earlier, Dogar had approached Multan High Court bench to seek bail against 3MPO detention case, but he failed to avail protective bail as the court time was over. Meanwhile, former provincial minister Mubeen Khilji belonging to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf was arrested by the police in Quetta. After arresting Mubeen Khilji from his residence late Thursday night he was shifted to District Jail Quetta. Accord­ing to the reports, Mubeen Khilji has been arrested under 3MPO, while a case has been registered against him under 18 sections, including arson, murder, act of murder, dur­ing the protest at Bijli Road police station in Quetta. He was granted pre-arrest bail from the Sessions Court. The police also raided the house of former provincial minister Shahram Tarkai in Swabi, however, Shah­ram was not present at the time of the raid. After the police raid, PTI leader Shahram Tarkai said in his statement, “Police raided my house in my absence, the whole house was searched, it was not the traditions of our province”. He further said that the im­ported government could neither defeat this ideology nor sway the followers of this ideology. In pursuit to arrest other main­stream PTI leaders from Punjab the police are raiding various places in search of the leaders of PTI, including Aslam Iqbal and Mehmood-ul-Rashid, but they are still on the run and so far have managed to elude arrest from the police.

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