No room for martial law, says Nawaz

LAHORE - PML-N President Mian Nawaz Sharif on Saturday said there was no room for martial law or putting in place an undemocratic setup in the country. Speaking to party legislators from Faisalabad at his Raiwind residence, he said that country was passing through a critical juncture and all should wage efforts to steer it out of the crises. I believe in politics of decency and nobility, he said adding, that supremacy of the Constitution would be ensured at all costs. Without naming the PTI, he said those raising slogans of change should mend their ways. As per sources, the PML-N president reconciled senior party leader Abid Sher Ali with provincial Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah Khan during the meeting. Though, without naming the army or the establishment, the PML-N chief Mian Nawaz came down hard on anti-democratic forces on Saturday for their destructive role in dividing political parties and toppling of elected governments in the past. The PML-N started the process of change of status quo 21 years ago and if they wanted to play this game through their pawns, we will face them and expose their generations by telling the truth to the nation, he said addressing a gathering of National and provincial assembly members, office-bearers and workers belonging to Faisalabad division. Nawaz said organised, strong and active political parties were the asset of nations, as they had laid the foundations of modern civilised and developed countries. But, unfortunately, this fact was not admitted in Pakistan and the process of dividing parties, toppling elected governments and forming puppet political parties was repeated which resulted in violation of Constitution, derailing of democracy and disintegration of the country, he observed. Nawaz said it was unfortunate that no one learnt lesson from it and this process was repeated again and again. He claimed that his party remained successful in every test during its two tenures, as it upheld the dignity of flag of the country and those who did not accept Pakistan also respected it. Prime Minister of India himself came to Minar-e-Pakistan and announced to accept the existence of Pakistan on that place where Muslim League had got approved Pakistan Resolution under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam, he mentioned one of his governments achievements. He said that history had proved that Lahore Declaration opened the vistas of peace and development in the region. Those opposing it at that time, now have been forced to follow that path and the time has proved our decisions were correct, he remarked. He said both the countries adopted this stance in Nepal today but those who wasted 13 years of the nation were not seen anywhere. Had this time not wasted, all issues including Kashmir would have been solved and country put on the road to progress, he added. What is the change, how it is brought and what price of it is paid, we know better, he further said adding, that PML-N had the spirit of sacrifice and instead of bowing, opposed those who stopped the process of change and this credit also went his party. . The former prime minister said that credit of starting process of change in Pakistan also goes to his party. He said PNL-N had started this process 21 years ago by freeing the slave economy and putting Pakistan on the journey of change and faced the forces supporting status quo. Nawaz Sharif said that after becoming prime minister for the first time, he started work on the economic reforms agenda prepared by PML-N, but the supporters of old and slave economy gathered around president of that time and became active to stop the process of change as they wanted to maintain their possession on industries and banks. They were in favour of having complete control over transfer of foreign exchange. They were against modern infrastructure and even wanted to continue the policy of waiting for years together for telephone connection but we freed the economy. We constructed airports, seaports and motorways and removed the restrictions on foreign exchange, Nawaz further stated. He said that his partys government had restored the self-respect of Pakistanis working abroad by setting up green channels at airports. We gave these gifts to the nation but our government was toppled three years earlier before completing its tenure and we have paid the price of service to the nation, he lamented. The PML-N chief said that free economy was provided to the country and the nation and the present modern economic structure was based on his policies which was also praised and followed by our neighbours. Had our government not been toppled, Pakistan would have been the most prosperous country of the region, he added. He said that there would be no shortage of electricity, industry was not closed and there was no unemployment and the menace of terrorism. He said that if it rained four times, the rulers wandered around with begging bowls whereas we had found solution of our problems through indigenous resources.

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