The creative process of Nureh: An Interview with Irum Changaiz

The air abuzz with excitement, and you know what that means – the festive season is here. So, who else can do premium festive wear better than Nureh- a brand known for many things remarkable but its their inimitable flair for making traditional look truly spectacular, is high up on that list. 

I sat down with the brand’s marketing head for the details on what to expect from the burgeoning brand. 

1.    Tell us the journey behind starting the brand ‘Nureh’. (please also talk about the brand name and its philosophy too)

Nureh means light & radiance. The message behind Nureh for the women of this era was to let them “Dwell into the feminine beauty of radiance with Nuréh’s collections”. At the time we launched Nureh, we aimed at filling the market gap  that allowed women to flaunt in the ensembles consisting of eastern culture fused with a modern twist that was relatable to the larger set of audience globally. From modern soft hues to traditional festive colors we had it all with the ultimate aim to grab the international audience who follow the color trends & design techniques introduced by the international designers like Marchesa, Elie Saab & more. 

By identifying the market gap we successfully introduced our first luxury chiffon collection back in 2020 through our e-commerce platform. The brand started to gain a lot of attention through it’s first shoot campaign & the audience started to associate it as a luxury wear brand with a tint of uniqueness in terms of designs & branding.  

2.    From 2020 to 2023, Nureh turns three. How has Nureh evolved?

Over the past three years, we have maintained our creativity & brand identity. However, to set ourselves distinct from other brands & to keep growing we have been introducing different product categories with unique patterns with the intention to capture new target audience. One of our distinct fun filled casual wear collection that made a statement of its own was the Ballerina collection – A fun filled collection “It’s Fun, It’s Boho, It’s Chic”. We expanded into both casuals & formals both in unstitched & ready-to-wear categories.

Every collection depicts a story through its shoot & marketing campaign. One of our most successful formal range has been JHOOMRO wedding formals & MAYA velvet collection. We also evolved by setting our foot to other lands of the world by participating in exhibitions. It has been an exhilarating experience to meet and understand our international audience.

3.    We have read and heard a lot about your ‘sold-out’ exhibitions outside Pakistan. In which countries have you showcased so far and how has been the experience?

 We have been successful in understanding the market needs based on the type of exhibitions. We frequently showcase our collections in UAE and have been receiving a positive & promising response leading to brand loyalty. As per my experience, international audience find a lot of limitations in finding varied options in clothing wear and exhibitons which promote pakitstani brands are a great platform for these potential females to find varying design options under one roof. Apart from this we have been participating in exhibitions in USA aswell and tend to explore more countries.

4.    You beautifully showcase fine traditional craft through your clothes, where do you draw inspiration from?

We take inspirations from things around us. We do not limit our scale of creativity in our product. We try to identify the market gap and infuse them in our designs. Exploring design techniques is our key strength. 

5.    Tell us something about your recent Maya Collection. What was the inspiration behind it?

MAYA velvet is a true mélange of our traditional essence. Our emphasis remains on the hand-work embellishment details with fine embroideries and the color palette ideal for the festive occasions. Our inspiration revolved around the vintage elements infused with Mughal patterns and distinct flower motif with varying embellishment techniques used to bring the essence of vintage royalty. 6 creatively designed ensembles with festive glimmering inspired dupattas makes it more eye captivating. 

6.    Your creations are always in the full swing of glamour. What will the newly launched collection “Elanora’ bring to the audience which is so out of the ordinary? 

This collection will feature globally trending festive embroidered & embellished fabrics and detail work which is trending in the world amongst the south Asian celebs. From Ramp to reality, from divas to common people like us! Minimal but festive

7.    Fashion just as everything else is about learning and growing, what are the two key lessons you bank on always?

Despite the changing trends and fashion concepts, always maintain a distinct brand identity through your designs & campaigns. It should mark a style statement that the audience could easily identify. However infusing new trends is important too. It requires an optimum balance. 

8.    Are you planning to expand Nureh in any way? Also, what do you attribute your success to? 

Expansion is the key to recognition & higher sales. Yes we plan to expand & aim at having a retail presence at the right place and the right time. We currently are an e-commerce brand and our main aim is to satisfy our customers through this entire purchasing process. 

A combination of consistent brand identity & distinct brand positioning through  marketing & shoot campaigns and the type of models, celebs and socialites we associate to & adding new design techniques in our collections - All this leads to success and recognition. 


The author is a high-school teacher, considerate mentor and a passionate learner. She pinpoints fashion trends and loves writing about all the chic people in the glossy industry as well as about the drifts in the fast-paced fashion industry.

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