Rail Union threatens series of protests against privatisation

LAHORE - Pakistan Railways Employees Prem Union President Hafiz Salman has threatened the incumbent govt that if decision of Railways’ privatisation would not be withdrawn within a specific time, a series of protest would be started across the country.
He was addressing a mammoth rally of PR’s employees which was started from DS office and concluded at Lahore Press Club here on Thursday. They observed sit-in (dharna) at Railway Headquarter and chanted slogans against privatisation of Railways. Those who addressed the rally included National Labour Federation President Samshor Rehman Sawati, Wapda union President SD Saqib and Prem Union SVP Sheikh Mohammad Anwar.
Hafiz Salman further revealed that it is history that government could not collect cash after selling valuable government’s assets in the past, adding that money received after selling government-run organizations was embezzled and devoured by corruption mafia and bureaucrats.
He said that is expected that this time India, Israel and US would purchase government-run entities like PIA, PSM and Pakistan Railways in a bid to make Pakistan a failed state. He threatened that labour class would not allow to privatise these entities as once previous government in 1996 also unsuccessfully tried to privatise Railways.
He appealed to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to revisit his decision of making Pakistan Railways a private entity.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt