QAU VC refuses to accept expected decision by ‘biased’ committee

islamabad - The Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) Vice Chancellor (VC) Prof. Dr. Javed Ashraf and his team have announced their refusal to accept the decision of the bipartite committee, as the committee head had lost the ‘trust’ of VC team, learned The Nation on Wednesday.

In an interview with The Nation VC QAU Prof. Dr. Javed Ashraf said that the committee head Dr. Rafique Tahir himself violated the set Terms of Reference (ToRs) after he deliberately stretched the ten-day work to five months.

“The entire committee proceedings under Dr. Rafique Tahir were similar to a fox guarding a henhouse”, said VC Dr. Javed Ashraf

“The real plan was to prolong the proceedings and confine me in my residence,” he said.

Dr. Javed Ashraf said that legally, after the violation of single clause of TORs, he is not bound to accept the decision which will be surely biased ‘if’ announced.

Dr. Javed Ashraf also said that the last meeting of the bipartite committee was held more than two months ago and the next meeting date has still not been announced.

“Meanwhile the committee head Dr. Rafique Tahir has said the matter will be concluded in ten days,” he said.

The committee meetings instead of operating in a professional way were revolving around the committee head’s ‘personal life’ stories and achievements to waste the time, he said.

Responding to a query regarding non-provision of the documents to the committee by the administration, VC said that all documents demanded by the Academic Staff Association (ASA) were provided.

“All authentic documents consisting of 14 volumes including the classified details were also provided to the committee but it failed to decide the matter in five months,” he said.

The VC also stated that Dr. Rafique Tahir also revealed few classified correspondence of the university to the ASA for which he was not authorized to do so.

 VC said that he accepted the proposal of ten days leave in the agreement signed on May 28, 2018 to reinstate the academic activities in the university, but in fact the committee head Dr. Rafique Tahir had ‘trapped’ him to keep him away from his office.

“I was assured by high officials of the ministry that the committee will resolve the crises in ten days,” he said.

Dr. Javed Ashraf also said that he later informed ex-federal minister for education Baligh-ur-Rehman of the biasness of committee head and his ‘soft corner’ for the ASA, but the cry fell on deaf ears.

The VC also revealed that when he resumed his office after the expiry of his 21 day leave, the ASA created uproar in his office and forced him to leave.

“The ASA president Dr. Aqeel Bukhari threatened me giving me five minutes to leave the office otherwise I would be thrown out from the seat,” he said.

Vice Chancellor said that the committee head didn’t take notice of this ‘unlawful’ act of ASA and wrote a letter to him for reverting the showcause notices issued to 22 faculty members for creating rumpus in the administration office.

Responding to the continued friction between him and faculty of more than two years, the Vice Chancellor said that all the agitation began when he resisted and the syndicate didn’t approve the illegal promotions of few faculty members.

“Everything is on record because the said faculty members were lacking the required experience, research criteria or were demoted on the recommendations of Higher Education Commission (HEC), while some even deserved to be dismissed on the basis of their track record” he said.

The VC said he was accused for victimization, but in fact the ASA members had made university and the administration hostage by ‘hooliganism’.

The ASA members were called for explanations regarding corruption allegations against him, but they didn’t respond or back from the allegations levelled in the official proceedings, he said.

Later, Dr. Rafique Tahir served the purpose of ASA confining me to my residence.

Responding to the question regarding reinstatement, the university registrar Dr. Shafiq-ur-Rehman, additional registrar Mohammad Sabir and controller examination Sardar Baber, the Vice Chancellor said that the officials have been restored on their positions after comprehensive inquires and awarding penalties under rules.

 The Vice Chancellor said that he left no door for his support to raise the unreasonable demands of the faculty and urging action against them but the top offices including the President who was chancellor and Education minister the pro-chancellor remained tight lipped.

Denying any chances for applying for the extension for the next term, the Vice Chancellor Prof Dr. Javed Ashraf said “here only the person who can bow before the ASA will work”.


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