LAHORE    -   The Punjab Assembly which met here on Monday under the chair of Speaker Muhammad Sibtain Khan approved amendments in six laws pertain­ing to different provincial departments besides adopting a resolution condemning the federal government for imposing a ban on the live tele­cast of PTI chief Imran Khan’s telethons held to raise funds for the flood victims. The amendments in the laws were passed in the form of bills which were presented by Parliamentary Affairs Minis­ter Raja Basharat. They included the Punjab Oc­cupation Safety and Health Bill 2022, the Board of Revenue Amendment Bill 2021 the Obsolete Waqf Property and Laws for Homeless Persons Bill 2021, thePunjab Seed Corporation Amendment Bill 2022, the Punjab Fac­tories Amendment Bill 2022, Forestry Amend­ment Bill 2022. The Pun­jab Assembly also passed a resolution against the federal government re­jecting the ban imposed on Imran Khan’s telethon. The resolution was moved by Senior Provincial Min­ister Mian Aslam Iqbal. The resolution demanded of the federal govern­ment to desist from such ulterior tactics. “The leader’s voice cannot be suppressed”, said the reso­lution. Earlier, Speaker Sibtain Khan postponed the question hour on Revenue, Colonies (Board of Revenue) and Disaster Management department for delayed answers to the Assembly questions. He directed that the government and the opposi­tion should devise a joint strategy to ensure timely submission of replies from the provincial depart­ments. He also gave a ruling that Punjab govern­ment should make such a mechanism by which the ministers are bound to answer the questions on time. He said that the period for getting the an­swers to the questions to the Assembly Secretari­at should be fixed for a maximum of three months.