FAISALABAD   -    Five shopkeepers were arrested over profiteering on edible items and non-displaying of price lists in the district here on Monday.

A spokesperson for district administration said that moni­toring squad equipped with modern cameras was monitor­ing the prices of essential items in Mansoorabad area when vari­ous shopkeepers as well as ven­dors started interfering in moni­toring.

Taking notice, the Price Control Magistrate Shahbaz Latif held an inspection in the area and found five shopkeepers were selling ed­ible items at exorbitant rates to consumers.

Therefore, the magistrate ar­rested them and handed over to Mansoorabad police station. Further investigation was un­der way.


District administration booked three shopkeepers and also im­posed fine Rs300,000 on profi­teers during a special campaign here on Monday. This was stated by additional deputy commis­sioner general Rizwan Nazeer during a briefing given to Deputy Commission Tahir Wattoo. 

The meeting was attended by Price Control Magistrates. Deputy Commissioner Tahir Watto stat­ed that the Punjab government tasked him to provide maximum relief to the masses. He instructed the officials to keep vigilant on prices of items of daily use includ­ing pulses, rice, tomato, onion and some other things. 

Alternative arrangements have been made to ensure supply of commodities to keep prices sta­ble. Wattoo also directed price control magistrates to expedite the process of inspection.