Peshawar-Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan has said that the ‘imported government’ has brought the country to the brink of bankruptcy after a few months of coming into power adding that the imported government is unrepresentative of its people.   

He stated that the conglomerate of incompetent rulers has destroyed the economy of the country besides making the life of people miserable by unprecedented inflation. He further said that high inflation has made access to basic needs impossible for the majority of the population with concerns running high over the absence of a clear roadmap to combat the current situation. He expressed these views while addressing the Parliamentary party meeting of PTI held here on Monday. 

Mahmood Khan said that relief and rehabilitation of flood-hit people are our collective responsibility but unfortunately it is a regrettable and reprehensible act of the imported government to politicize telethons held for fundraising to mitigate the sufferings of flood affectees. 

He said that Imran Khan is the only leader who can steer the country out of the economic crisis and put the economy on the right track. He added that Imran Khan not only represents a particular area or province, but he is also the only leader that represents the entire federation due to which the popularity of PTI and Imran Khan is increasing with every passing day.  

Mahmood Khan added that the ‘corrupt mafia’ has now resorted to empty slogans and political victimization void of any truth. The Chief Minister made it clear that every worker of PTI stands by Imran Khan and will support the leader on every front adding that PTI is the only national party which has deep roots in every province and region. 

Mahmood Khan says politicising fundraising telethons for flood-hit people regrettable