LONDO|N - Melanie Chisholm, also known as Mel C, has recently opened up on why relationship “becomes more complicated” for successful women in her latest interview. Speaking with The Sunday Times, the former Spice Girls member, reflected on her dating life after her breakup with music producer Joe Marshall. Reportedly, the singer-songwriter has had “a series of courtships” throughout her life however, she’s never been married to any of her ex-boyfriend. “I think being a successful woman makes things more complicated,” she told outlet. Chisholm went on to explain, “But who knows the reasons why some people find a soulmate and stay together forever and then other people.” While discussing about why she is against marriage, the Wannabe crooner said, “I’ve never, never wanted to marry.

 Maybe marriage works for some people, but maybe to think it works for the majority is an old-fashioned notion.” “I’ve decided that life is a series of chapters. I think that’s a good way to not have regrets,” she added.