Karachi - Provincial Minister for Information, Transport and Mass Transit Sharjeel Inam Memon has said that Pakistan and the victims of the unprecedented flash flood are our red line. 

He said that the supporters of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) hatched a heinous conspiracy previous day by making a fake picture which was gone viral from 600 different social media accounts and such posts were tagged to the United Nations (UN) and others international donor agencies with malign intention to stop humanitarian aid to the flood affected people of Pakistan. He said that as Pakistani and in my personal capacity, I appeal to the federal government and Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah and all other institutions for taking strict legal action against those who were involved in such crime against Pakistan and the flood victims. “Such culprits should be arrested immediately,” he added. He vowed that he will file a writ petition on this issue in the Sindh High Court (SHC). Sindh Minister Information Sharjeel Inam Memon expressed these views while addressing an important press conference at Sindh Archives Complex on Monday. The provincial minister said that NCOC has also taken serious notice of such fake posts and contradicted it and also clarified that they did not receive any such aid or assistance, while a private TV channel run a news that picture pertained to India.

Sharjeel Memon questioned from entire organisation of PTI and its spokespersons that what kind of politics is being done by them instead of supporting the flood affected people, they are running fake pictures? What kind of enmity Imran Khan has been showing with these flood victims? he questioned.  The minister termed such fake propaganda a conspiracy against innocent flood victims and said such tactics cannot be tolerated in any circumstances. 

He said that it was PTI’s foiled attempt and they tried to convey a message to the whole world community to stop aid to Pakistan and not to help the flood victims. “This devil mind person who is an enemy of the state institutions, an enemy of justice and the politicians, has proved himself an enemy of the flood victims as well today,” he added. 

The Sindh minister pointed out that such fake picture was posted by well-known people and those who openly support PTI on different TV channel shows and this cannot be called freedom of expression in any case, but by this malign move, an attempt has been made to harm millions of innocent flood victims. Imran Khan is adopting these cheap tactics only to mislead the innocent youth for the purpose to become the prime minister. 

Sharjeel Memon said that he (Imran Khan) wants to see everything of his own choice including heads of important state institutions while PTI and its chief had been running a campaign of US conspiracy since its ouster but he himself was holding secret meetings with the officials of the US embassy and diplomats at Bani Gala. While talking on relief and rescue operations, the minister said that the Sindh government is utilising all resources to help out the flood victims and important decisions have been made in the Sindh cabinet’s meeting held the previous day. He said that Sindh cabinet has decided to fix the support price of wheat at Rs4,000 per 40kg, which was Rs2,000 in last year. 

He said that the farmers have suffered huge losses in recent rains and flash floods and they are not in position to cultivate their next crops. Keeping this in view, the decision has taken to encourage the farmers to grow wheat so as to save the country from arising wheat crises in next season. He informed that farmers consider wheat not a cash crop, so far majority of the farmers only focus on sowing more cash crops. He told that imported wheat cost to the  government at a rate of Rs8,000 to Rs8,500 per maund. “The quality of imported wheat is also not good, so why not we support our own farmers and buy their quality wheat at Rs4,000 per maund,” he added.  

Asks federal Interior minister, all other institutions for taking strict legal action against 

those involved in such crime against Pakistan, flood victims