ISLAMABAD   -   The power consumers will pay an additional Rs70 billion in their next monthly bills as National Elec­tric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has al­lowed ex-WAPDA distribution companies (XWDis­cos) another hike of Rs 4.34/unit on account of monthly fuel charges adjustment (FCA) of July.

NEPRA has allowed an increase of Rs 4.3435/unit on account of monthly for July which will have a fuel charges impact of Rs 59.70 billion and GST impact of Rs 10.15 billion (Rs69.85 billion) on the power consumers, said the NEPRA decision re­leased here on Monday.

In its petition, filed on the behalf of the ex-WAPDA Discos (XWDiscos) the Central Pow­er Purchasing Agency (CPPA-G) had request­ed that during July, the reference fuel charges of 

 Rs6.2879/unit were charged from the consum­ers, however, the actual fuel charges were record­ed at Rs10.9833/unit. Therefore, the CPPA-G had requested NEPRA for an increase of Rs 4.6954/unit in the power tariff for the month under FCA mechanism. During the hearing, the NEPRA offi­cial informed that due to the violation of the mer­it order an additional burden of Rs 7.42 billion was incurred in July. Similarly, the consumers were burdened with Rs 6.93 billion due to LNG shortage, the official informed.

It was further informed that instead of efficient plants, such as Balooki, China Power Plant, Hilm­ore, Safahar Power Plant, expensive power plants had been utilized in July.