PESHAWAR    -    Panfilo Marquez assumed re­sponsibility as the Consul Gen­eral of the US Consulate General in Peshawar on Monday.

A statement from the US Con­sulate General stated that Con­sul General Marquez is a career diplomat with 23 years of for­eign service experience. 

Marquez most recently served as Deputy Director in the Executive Office of the Bu­reau of East Asian and Pacif­ic Affairs. He previously served as the minister counsellor for management affairs in Mission Brazil. During his time in Bra­zil, Marquez also served as the acting Deputy Chief of the Mis­sion for nearly a year focusing on collaboration in law enforce­ment, military to military coop­eration, and improved trade re­lations.

During his extensive diplo­matic career, Consul Gener­al Marquez also served in Mis­sion France as the management office for the US Missions to France, UNESCO, and the OECD. Other senior US Department of State positions include man­agement officer in Rio de Janei­ro, Brazil and Tijuana, Mexico. He has also served in Afghani­stan, Costa Rica, and Jamaica.

He is the recipient of numer­ous superior and meritorious honour awards as well as the Department’s Luther Replogle Award for Management Innova­tion for his work in Brazil.

The newly arrived consul general is a native of California and entered the foreign service directly from graduate school at the University of California, San Diego where he earned a master’s in Pacific and Interna­tional Affairs. He speaks Span­ish, French, and Portuguese.

The statement said that Con­sul General Marquez looks forward to working with the government and people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to fur­ther strengthen and celebrate 75 years of diplomatic rela­tions between the United States and Pakistan. It further said he would continue to pursue joint goals of advancing trade, in­vestment, environmental pro­tection, health, security, educa­tion, and other priority areas.