PESHAWAR    -    Like in other parts of the country, prices of routine use medicines like for fever and body pain are increased by almost 120 per cent due to an artificial shortage creat­ed in the markets of Peshawar. 

Criticizing the government for its silence over the issue, citi­zens questioned the performance of the several new departments formed in the name of the Health Regulatory Authority (HRA) and Health Care Commission (HCC), where a huge staff taking huge salaries, from the public excheq­uer was doing nothing. 

Main drug dealers in the main medicine market of Peshawar, Namak Mandi have started selling tablets Panadol, Epiwal, Basko­pan, Tagral, Alp, Diane 35, Brofin and Gaviscon syrup at high prices in black, due to which the citizens are facing severe difficulties. 

In the wholesale market, the price of Panadol per leaf which was Rs 17 has now reached Rs 40 to 50. Similarly, tablet Apival is being sold at Rs 150 to Rs 200 instead of Rs 65, tablets Basco­pan is being sold at Rs 100 in­stead of 57, Tagral is sold at 100 and 120 instead of 50, Alp at 120 instead of 70, Dan 700 in­stead of 400. 

Medical store owners were of the view that there is an old stock of fever tablets and syrups, not new ones, if this situation contin­ues, then the prices of necessary medicines may further increase.