Islam: A religion of peace

The word Islam means peace in Arabic. Islam is a religion sent down to offer humanity a life filled with tranquilly and peace, where the endless mercy and compas­sion of Allah are evident. Allah in­vites all people to embrace Islam­ic ethics as a model for practicing mercy, compassion, tolerance, and peace. As mentioned in verse 208 of the chapter of al-Baqara:

“O ye who believe! Enter into Is­lam wholeheartedly, and follow not the footsteps of the Evil One; for he is to you an avowed enemy.”

Regrettably, some followers have strayed from the teachings of this great religion. Individuals who were meant to be ambassadors of peace and mercy to the world are causing disturbances with­in their communities. A recent in­cident in Faisalabad Jaranwala serves as a glaring example, where individuals claiming to be part of the Muslim community set fire to Christian places of worship and vi­olated their religious beliefs based on allegations of blasphemy with­out any evidence.

The entire Muslim ummah must reflect on such incidents, which recur far too frequently, to create a more peaceful society. Authori­ties must take the necessary mea­sures to eradicate extremist mind­sets, and religious fanatics must be dealt with firmly to prevent such actions from recurring.

Respect for everyone is the core message of Islam.



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